ANNA WHITE is a line of elevated leather goods defined by exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship.

Anna draws inspiration for her designs from modernist art, nature and architectural silhouettes, creating a handcrafted collection set to become future classics.


A New Zealand native, Anna gained her early influence in textiles from her father, who founded a premium wetsuit manufacturing company the year she was born. Some of her earliest memories are of times spent in her father’s studio where she was exposed to high quality design at a very young age. She went on to study communications at University before travelling and living in different locations around the world.

Her entry back into the world of design was a natural progression as she began drawing leather bags inspired by the modern women she met on her travels. It wasn't until years later and a move back to New Zealand that she sought out renowned craftsman to bring her designs to life. Her leather bags are conceptualised with a contemporary approach, she views them more as a sculpture than an accessory and every piece is handmade using the highest quality materials.