anna white nz

the story

ANNA WHITE is a modern line of leather goods defined by exquisite materials, quality craftsmanship and a sense of refined ease.

Anna draws inspiration from contemporary art, architecture and culture, creating a collection set to become modern classics for women on the go.


Growing up in the open spaces and nature in New-Zealand led designer Anna White to have a sense of freedom that has stayed with her and become a foundation from which her label is built.

While travelling around the world for over 8 years and living in different cities in Europe and Australia she worked as a fashion editor and was inspired by the powerful and modern women that she met along the way. Each had their own sense of style that wasn’t focused on seasonal trends. She took this idea and began designing bags using real life experiences to guide her through the design process.

Her fresh, modern take on the classic leather bag means that it performs in a very honest, straight-forward way with visual surprises and exquisite materials that work practically as well as look beautiful. She wants the women who carry her bags to form a relationship with them and take them on their journey.